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Fletcher Augustus DeRouen

A diary for our son, by Joe and Andrea DeRouen

Monday, August 29, 2005

Fletcher is very sensitive to the plight of certain cartoon characters. He gasps when Tom of Tom and Jerry is in trouble and recently I watched a Daffy Duck cartoon where Porky Pig was the hunter after Daffy. Fletcher finally said, "When I grow up I will go into that cartoon and fight that pig." I had to laugh (quietly so as not to offend him).

He is at his third day of school today. He should be singing songs about now and I hope he's having fun.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

As people usually lament, we have been quite bad about updating this blog. Of course, I'm not sure anyone but the two of us reads it, but it is a good place to keep track of milestones and events in Fletcher's life.

On Monday of this week Fletcher attended his first day of "school." His word as it's just a two-day-a-week Parent's Day Out at the Methodist Church but his first sampling was fantastic for him. He came home telling me stories about what they did on the playground (three boys pretended to be monsters and Fletcher and the two girls from his class ran and hid), that his teacher spilled her milk at lunch, and that he took a nap.

We knew about the last one as he was still asleep when we arrived. Fletcher rarely naps and certainly never at 1 p.m. but he was tired as he couldn't get to sleep the night before. Probably all the excitement.

We'll be taking him back on Friday. I'll pack him another healthy lunch and hope he eats more of it this time. Joe and I miss him while he's gone but love the Fletcher-free time.

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